SlutWalk Aotearoa: a personal response

28 Jun

In the next day or so, Polly and I will be writing up an ‘official’ recap and response as organisers of SlutWalk Wellington for the SlutWalk Aotearoa website. But before I do that, I wanted to have a little bit of a personal reaction. There is much swearing ahead, and I apologise for that. I’m still buzzing.

SlutWalk was FUCKING AMAZING. Especially considering the drama I went through to get there — I was booked to fly with JetStar, who cancelled their flights due to the ash cloud… so on Thursday night I was booking an emergency flight with Air New Zealand for 11.30am the next morning, and I ended up ferrying from Wellington to Picton at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning and then BUSSING back to Christchurch.

It was so fucking worth it, though. I have never been hugged by so many strangers in all my life — some of them crying, some of them laughing, some of them both. The atmosphere was beyond incredible — I think this video on Stuff captures the feel of the crowd pretty well (trombones, roller skates, nun’s habits and corsets. It’s just another day for me!)

The speakers were so unbelievably fucking brave (and put my speech to shame well quick!), the crowd were supportive and encouraging and just fucking awesome. The media were generally respectful (although I wish they’d stop writing about scantily-clad protesters – goddamn!) and there was little backlash from the public. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect if we’d ordered it. All in all, a fucking incredible day and it was an honour and a privilege to be a part of it.

To Polly and Coley — I couldn’t have fucking done it without you, you are two of the most fantastic people I have ever met and I look forward to getting to know you both better as time goes on. I couldn’t have asked for more love and support from you guys — you two are what made SlutWalk great.

Bring on next year!

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