Pedophiles on a Plane: The Stuff Comments Edition

11 Aug

Content warning: references to sexual assault of minors

Stuff has an article on their website today about a man who was asked to move after being seated next to two unaccompanied minors in error. As at writing this, we’re at 155 comments and probably counting. Because I hate myself, I read every. single. comment. I recommend that you don’t.

The comments can be broken down into the following groups:

  • Airlines are discriminating against straight white men! (direct quote: “It seems that ordinary heterosexual men are not considered a victim group.” I’d explain societal privilege to you, Chuck Bird #90, but somehow I don’t think you’d be the most receptive of audiences.)
  • But women can be pedophiles too/most children are molested by family so they’re safer next to strangers!
  • What sort of shitty parent lets their child fly unaccompanied? (Uh, my awesome as fuck mother? Because my father lived in Australia? Also what the fuck, why shouldn’t 8/10/12 year olds fly on their own? I used to get the damn bus from Christchurch to Timaru at a very young age; flying’s no different. In fact, I’d argue that it’s probably safer…)
  • If you ask me to move you’d better move me to first class/slander/libel/Human Rights Commission/I WILL SUE YOUR ASS/never flying with Virgin again!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!eleventy!
  • Oh please, how many children are molested on aeroplanes anyway?

It’s that last one, I think, that’s my favourite. Feminism: eradicating male teachers and chipping away at your right to sit next to unaccompanied eight-year-olds since 1969, cackling madly as we burn our bras and refuse to make you a sandwich as we do so.

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